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Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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CEMEC, Allard Pierson Museum 3D Models


Connecting Early Medieval European Collections (CEMEC) is an EU-funded cooperation project that aims to create a collaborative network, and a cost-effective business model, between eight European museum collections and six technical partners. Drawing on objects from participating museum collections, the project will produce ‘CROSSROADS’, a travelling exhibition focusing on connectivity and cultural exchange during the Early Middle Ages (300 -1000) in Europe.


The exhibition will open at the Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam (October 2017-March 2018). It will then move to the Byzantine and Christian Museum in Athens (April- September 2018) and end at the LVR Landesmuseum in Bonn (October 2018- April 2019).


Allard Pierson Museum, Amsterdam

Museum Of Jaén

Hungarian National Museum, Budapest

National Museum Ireland, Dublin

LVR-LandesMuseum, Bonn

Byzantine And Christian Museum, Athens

Royal Museums Of Arts And History, Brussels

National Museum Of The Early Middle Ages, Rome