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FZP_Sculpture 3D Models


Here enjoy models of the sculpture digitized by Flyover Zone. We use the models as points of departure for our restorations of ancient sculpture. In a restoration, we repair surface damage, add missing parts (e.g., a nose or hand), and change the overall appearance (e.g., by restoring the color to a white marble statue or converting the material from plaster of Paris to bronze). By using an actual copy of an ancient sculpture as a point of departure, we ensure that our restorations are as accurate as possible.

Flyover is pleased to make this collection available at no cost to students, scholars, and the general public. We are grateful to these museums which have given us permission to digitize works in their collections: Abguss-Sammlung Antiker Plastik (Berlin), Collection des moulages (Geneva), Museo dell'Arte Classica (Rome), Skulpturhalle (Basel), Slater Museum (Norwich, CT).

We are willing to consider licensing a model to you, if you have an appropriate use in mind. Write us at: info@romereborn.org