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Cravens Collection 3D Models


The Cravens Collection Virtual Museum project, led by Dr. Laura K. Harrison with Robert Scalise, Connor Awayda, and Michelle Assaad, is focused on increasing the accessibility of cultural heritage, facilitating object-based research with linked open data, and mobilizing the pedagogical value of museum collections with 3D technologies. The project uses high end structured light scanners –the Artec Space Spider and Artec Eva –to demonstrate that 3D virtualization is a valuable tool for heritage documentation, object-based research, public outreach and interactive exhibitions. The project documented over 120 objects from the Cravens Collection, and incorporated them into an open access online collection, an interactive virtual museum, hands-on outreach with an elementary school, and object-based research. Together, these applications demonstrate that 3D virtualization supports the management of heritage resources, collaborative learning at multiple levels, and local community engagement.