10 Craft you don't expect to see in Kerbal Space Program

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Kerbal Space Program is an awesome space flight simulator. You build your own spaceships from components and then try to complete missions, flying your green Kerbals to safety. The missions often fail miserably, adding to the fun of the game (I’m sure that for some people this is the entire point of the game 😉

Now that it’s super easy to upload your KSP craft to Sketchfab and share it with your friends, we’ve been seeing hundreds of uploads.

And not all of them are spacecraft..

Check out an odd collection of ships, ancient airplanes, cars, a scooter, a flight deck carrier and even a Kraken – all built in KSP. Did you create something cool too? Post it in a comment below!

Enjoy 🙂


– Bart


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