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3 Sketchfab Editor Essentials for Sellers

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Making your 3D assets stand out visually is only half the job when you sell on the Sketchfab Store. Buyers have tens of thousands of options to choose from, which means that your model needs to look great in both the thumbnail and the real-time view.

Sketchfab’s powerful 3D Editor tool makes it straightforward to display your 3D models at their best. In this article, we share 3 quick and easy tips to simplify how you choose editor settings for your store models.

1. Background

Selecting the appropriate background for your assets is essential. Keep things simple and try to be subtle—a light grey or simple white background makes your work the focal point and helps it stand out in search results.

2. Ground shadows

Ground shadows, which can be found in the Lighting tab of the 3D Editor, quickly add three-dimensionality to your preview thumbnails. They give the illusion that your asset is sitting on a surface rather than floating in space, providing an extra bit of polish in your presentation.

sketchfab 3d editor ground shadow

3. Post-processing filters

The power of Sketchfab’s 3D Editor is on full display with our post-processing filters. You can choose from numerous options to quickly enhance the look of your asset. But remember: keep the post-processing effects subtle and let your asset speak for itself.

sketchfab 3d editor post-processing

More information about each post-processing filter and how it works is available in our Help Center.


The tools that we mentioned above are the basics to get you started and immediately enhance your previews. Sketchfab’s 3D Editor has many more awesome features, such as custom light setups, HDRIs, animation settings, and sound features (to name just a few).

We hope these tips come in handy and help you display your assets at their best. For more great tips, check out our Seller Success Handbook.

Are you selling your 3D models in our store yet? If not, we’d love to see you there.

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