3 Ways to Increase Your Sales Performance on the Sketchfab Store

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In this short article, we share 3 easy ways you can increase your sales performance and make your assets more appealing to buyers.

1. Upload additional file formats and extra textures

When you upload your 3D models to Sketchfab and add them to your store, they are auto-converted to USDZ and GLTF file formats, which become available to buyers when you publish to the store. There is, however, additional benefit in providing even more file formats to your buyers. We strongly encourage you to always include fbx, obj/mtl, and as many other file formats as you can in an additional file. These files entice buyers who are looking for specific file formats and increases the asset’s sales potential.

Each additional file cannot exceed 1GB and can only include hi-res texture maps, additional file formats, model resolutions, and “Read Me” documents. For more info on adding additional files, head over to the Help Center.

2. Offer bundles of similar 3D models

Bundles of similar items are a great way to offer your customers the best value for their money. For example, if you have created and uploaded many individual furniture assets, you may also want to upload a separate file in which all of the furniture models are bundled. That way, someone who requires a robust selection of furniture can get everything they need in one go.

Also, be sure to interlink your models by pointing from individual models to bundled models, and vice versa, either in model descriptions or in annotations. This approach will help to increase product visibility and show your customers that they have multiple purchasing options. Learn more about how to set up asset packs.

3. Test and optimize pricing

Since you can set your own price points on the Sketchfab Store, you can carry out experiments to find the ideal price point for a given asset. We’ve seen sellers’ performance really take off when the prices for their models are “right”. But how do you know what the best price point is for any given model?

Once you have surveyed the market to see how other similar models are priced, you can start fine-tuning your pricing. We suggest constantly experimenting with your pricing strategy and making data-driven decisions. For example, if you set the price point for a model and see that it does not sell for a month, then maybe lowering the price slightly would make sense. Similarly, when a particular model has sold a few times, it may make sense to experiment with increasing the price a little bit to see if the buyers are willing to pay even more. In this way, you can find the optimal price point for a given asset and maximize your revenue.


As always, we are here if you have any questions—just drop us a note.

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Models in the article banner are Gold Coin Sack and Money Bag by BariaCG.

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