30 tools to make a 3D scan

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ℹ️ This post is a bit old! We recommend checking out this great article in the Sketchfab Help Center for up to date suggestions for 3D scanning tools and software.

3D Scanning is conquering the world! Dedicated software extracts 3D models from photographs and affordable 3D scanners make scanning fast and accurate. Even your mobile phone will soon have a built-in 3D scanner.

And we’re sure seeing more and more 3D scanning users here on Sketchfab: Scanning companies share their results with their clients. Artists love the deeply realistic models that you can create this way. People capture their friends and family as a personal memento. Check out our gallery of 3D scans to see what people are making.

With all the attention on scanning, we decided to compile an exhaustive overview of 30 ways to 3D scan objects. Some needs dedicated hardware, but you will also find many free options to experiment with. They are all within reach of consumers.

30 tools to make a 3D scan from Sketchfab

Explore all the 3D scans in the presentation here (or just click on the images).

Participate in our weekly 3D Scanning Thursday competition

If you enjoy creating scans, consider entering our weekly 3D scanning challenge, the 3D Scanning Thursday (3DST). We pick a new topic each week and the winner receives $25 in printing credit for Shapeways.

Get a free 3D scan!

Would you like a 3D scan of yourself? Then come join us at our meetup in New York on October 23rd or at the Blender Conference in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on October 24th and 25th (scanning does not require entry to the conference). We’ll create a downloadable, 3D printable model with the awesome Structure scanner (see our results here):

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