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At Sketchfab, we are always pushing the boundaries of 3D/VR and are constantly searching for innovative and disruptive use cases for our technology. Recently, we partnered with a jewelry brand (JEWLR) to utilize our 3D viewer in a series of banner advertisements to promote several of their products.

This partnership proved to be a massive success, delivering a 147.66% ROAS (return on ad spend) increase over their traditional banner advertising efforts, as well as improving the quality of their advertising traffic by decreasing their bounce rates by up to 53.38%. Check out the interview below.

Sketchfab: Tell us a bit more about JEWLR.

JEWLR:  In 2009 a team of internet entrepreneurs decided that it was time to take the jewelry shopping experience to the next level by using the latest advancements in manufacturing and web technology to create a totally new way of buying and creating jewelry. Our goal was to create an extraordinary online experience that gave shoppers the unique ability to create and visualize, in real time, rings, pendants, charms and earrings, personalized and customized to their exact requirements. Since our humble beginnings we have grown to be one of the largest online jewelers. We have tens of thousands of happy customers and we have delivered on our goal to provide an exceptional jewelry shopping experience.

What were the objectives that lead you to utilize our 3D technology in your ad campaigns?

Since we are an online only retailer, a challenge arises when customers can not feel a ring and move it about in space as they would in a physical store. This is where we saw the opportunity for 3D ad capabilities. Our 3D ad offers the ability for potential customers to get a feel for the ring by allowing for the ability to move the product around as they wish, exploring the whole product. This is as close to an in store experience as currently possible and could only be done through 3D technology.

How did you hear about Sketchfab & what were your criteria for evaluating which platform to utilize for your 3D advertising initiative?

We were looking for an STL viewer that works with Facebook. Sketchfab was the only viewer that could be directly embedded into Facebook at the time. We also realized that Sketchfab was an easy to use platform, which aligned with our mission.

In what way has using Sketchfab in your 3D ads increased your competitive edge?

We reached out to Google to do a custom ad with us, using Sketchfab, on the display network. Because Google had never done this before, implementation was not easy or quick the first time around, but proved valuable in the end.

None of our competitors have a 3D ad on the display network like we do. Using the ad as a remarketing tool has been proven to be an effective way to allow potential customers to experience a ring and show off the high tech side to Jewlr.

What are some of the improvements you’ve observed over traditional HTML5 banner ads?

Looking over the lifespan of our 3D ads (from October 2016 to March 2017) compared to all other display ads, we have seen a major increase in ROAS compared to all other display ads. In total to date, our 3D campaign has brought in a return on ad spend of 6.34x . The quality in site traffic has also increased, as reflected in our much lower bounce rate.

“We believe that 3D ad technology is the ultimate ad solution for the e-commerce store. Sketchfab has made it possible for us to show potential customers our products at their best and the results speak for themselves. In the future, we hope to scale out this technology to other platforms as well as continue developing innovative creative for this powerful 3D format.”  – Tony Davis (CEO of JEWLR)

As we continue to evolve this effort, we are looking for innovative brands who are interested in partnering with us to pursue this new advertising medium. To get a full PDF copy of the JEWLR case study and apply to work with us on 3D/VR advertising for your brand, please fill out the form below, and we will contact you shortly.



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