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We are pleased to announce that 3D Object Capture, a mobile and desktop app for creating photogrammetric 3D scans, now offers direct export to Sketchfab.


3D Object Capture offers two modes of model creation.

  • Capturing images using the iOS app on devices with LiDAR support followed by processing in the MacOS app will generate the most detailed models.
  • Capturing images using the iOS app on devices without LiDAR support—or even using photographs captured with another phone, a drone, or a DSLR camera—and processing in the MacOS app will still generate 3D models, just without the detailed depth data offered by LiDAR capture.

Regardless of image and data capture method, the MacOS app is used to process the data and generate the final model in USDZ format. After processing, the model can be easily uploaded to Sketchfab from within the app.

Hardware and software requirements:

  • Mac computer running MacOS 12.0 or higher; Apple Silicon Macs and Intel Mac’s with 4GB AMD and 16GB RAM
  • (Optional) iPhone or iPad (running iOS 15.0 or higher) with LiDAR sensor

How to export from 3D Object Capture to Sketchfab

  1. Take photos of the object that you wish to capture. If you capture the images using the 3D Object Capture app on a LiDAR equipped device, the LiDAR data will be captured automatically.
  2. Transfer the captured photos in a .zip file to the Mac where you have installed 3D Object Capture.
  3. Under Transfer Assets > Step 2, click on ‘Select the received asset file’ and choose your file from the file explorer.
  4. Once the file has uploaded, click continue. You will be prompted to log in to Sketchfab to automatically upload your model once model processing has completed.
  5. Continue through the processing prompts to create your model. Once processing is completed, the model will upload to Sketchfab.
  6. When you see the green text that reads ‘Uploaded to Sketchfab!’, click on ‘View and share on Sketchfab’ to take a look at your finished model and make any final adjustments to the model’s title, description, and 3D settings.

To see all apps that offer direct export to Sketchfab, check out our Exporters page.

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