3D Painting App for PSVR, “CoolPaintrVR” Supports File Export, Sketchfab

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Developed by Wildbit Studios and published by S|ngular, the Playstation 4 now has a VR painting app to rival those found on PC VR systems.

Released this week, CoolPaintrVR lets you use your Move Controller like a brush to paint with strokes, tubes, primitive shapes, and even particle emitters. You can even manipulate your creations with bones.

While the interface is aimed at beginners, under the hood CoolPaintrVR actually has some pretty cool advanced features for artists including symmetry tools, support for reference images, and file export all while delivering a buttery smooth 120 frames per second meaning long painting sessions remain comfortable in VR.

And the cool part? Because the app supports Collada file export via USB you can upload your creations to Sketchfab. Don’t forget to tag your artwork #CoolPaintrVR when you upload. We’ll be on the lookout for our favorite creations in the coming weeks!

In addition, you will soon be able to upload you creations directly to Sketchfab from CoolPaintrVR’s website.


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  • Snidaman666 says:

    How do you upload images from usb to the game on the ps4 I put my usb in the console and it says empty but I got loads of images

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