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We get involved with some pretty exciting technologies here at Sketchfab, but working with the team on the International Space Station? How incredible is that?

We’re proud partners in the “Print the Future” contest launched by Enterprise in Space, an international program of the non-profit National Space Society.

This 3D printing contest will culminate in a grand prize team having their creation printed on the Made In Space Additive Manufacturing Facility 3D printer on the International Space Station by an honest-to-goodness astronaut and then returned to earth.

At Sketchfab we’ll be proudly hosting the 3D models submitted by contest entrants and will be giving away Pro account memberships to qualified entrants as well as a bunch of great Sketchfab swag for finalists and winners.

Enterprise in Space is committed to educating the next generation of NewSpace scientists and engineers to drive the future of space exploration and colonization and has launched the contest to highlight the role 3D printing could play in the manufacturing of much needed components in space.

Entries are open now through February 15th, 2017. So if you have a 3D printable idea that will further science and engineering, you can get involved with a team of up to 3 members by heading over to the contest page to learn more.

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