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Yan Izo is passionate about teaching pre-teens about 3D design and 3D printing. For his current project, his ‘team’ (his kids and their friends) designed a complete set of toy cars, characters and props that can be 3D printed. And what’s even better: all his content has been released under a Creative Commons license, so you can download them now and print your favorite bits. Let the race begin!

Hey Yan! Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Yan Izo, I am a Design Engineer and work in the 3d printer industry,

I’m doing this project with my kids, and kid’s friends because it is my vision where we need to focus in order to grow 3d printing technologies.

What is the goal of this project?

I want to to teach the younger generation about the 3d printing process in a fun way (the 3d printing process=3D printer+3D digital model).

The 3d printer manufactures are sending half of the message: “yes, you can 3D print everything, from human prosthesis to food or even a car”, but nobody is saying that you need “3D digital information” to complete the process.

The 3D digital modeling is not a simple task, and scanners allow only to copy something that was made before. So, in order to give freedom to the process the user needs to be able to work with CAD or 3D Design software.

This is where Dreamfactory and my vision will play to form the future users, teaching, learning and playing.

CAD is not a simple task to learn for adults. Kids however have an open mind,they are in the learning path and more flexible to changes. I believe that they will make the 3d printing process successful when they can incorporate the 3D CAD modeling as part of the school task.

DF Buddyracer Char Turtle
by Dreamfactory
on Sketchfab

Do you have a commercial aim with this project? How does your organization operate?

Not really – it’s more an ideological aim: I would like push the 3d printing technologies as an alternative to the oversea mass production process that have been dominated the industry.

Buddracers collection can by modify and recreate it under their (kids) own flavor, “this is the open source part of the process” and the digital data is completely free.

We are working though to offer a printing service for the ones that don’t have a 3D printer and have the motivations to get in to the “toy creation”, the idea is to make it affordable in order to engage them.


How did you decide to make kids toys, and what did the design process look like?

As a designer, I’m a 3D modeler and I work with 3D printing for a living. My kids see me all the time and I would like to pass them something that I consider “innovation”.

My 8 years old daughter knows how to draw in in Tinkercad and print her own stuff but Tinkercad has it’s limits.

The Dream Factory professional team (Fabian Magri, John Revilla, Diego Kruse and I) worked with the kids on this project (we integrated them in the design process at the time that they are learning how to design their toys in CAD appropriate for their ages as Tinkercad, although we use more powerful CAD tools to get the professional level of the collection ).

The collection has the goal to motivate them to get in to the complete process since “3D printing” is not a push button process, and It need the parents partnership since at this moment it is not part of the school education.

Maybe they can not draw a stylish car but they will draw o build a “Flintstones car” to play with rest of the collection, at the ending of the learning curve probably they will be able to have the skill and tools to make stuff without limitation.

In the mean time, my 4 year old who goes to preschool competes with her older sibling to use the computer and the 3d printer – mentally she is ready to learn “3D” .

The design process it is so fun for us, since the kids are involved in it, one of the more important part of the process is that the collections are open source, we give them the motivation story and some models to start, them they will be able to expand it through Tinkercad, Sculptfab, paintfab,etc and feedback and share their experience in dreamfactory.build.

DF Buddyracer Cafe Rod
by Dreamfactory
on Sketchfab

How is the response so far?

The response is incredible!!! More than I was imagined.

I think many 3D printer influential people though about it , and they couldn’t send a clear message.
since they come from others areas of the manufacture,

They don’t understand how the 3D design CAD mentality process,work.

A CAD process involve freedom and imagination,
so it is what I’m working on in the future generation to push to take off the 3D printing process.

Thanks Yan!

You can download the entire Buddyracers collection from Yan’s account here on Sketchfab and print them at home or have them made on a local 3D printer with 3D Hubs. For more information, visit the Buddyracers website.

– Bart


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