3D Scan from your iPhone X and Upload Directly to Sketchfab Using Scandy

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If you’re an iPhone X owner, here’s some very exciting news: Scandy is a software company based in New Orleans that specializes in computer vision and 3D scanning. Their Scandy Pro app for iPhone X turns your phone into a full color 3D scanner.

What’s cool is that because the app uses the iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera (the camera that’s used for Apple’s FaceID unlock feature), it’s able to create 3D scans without the need for any additional hardware accessories or lenses and the 3D reconstruction happens in real time, right on the phone.

Even cooler? The company have just updated the app to support direct upload of your scans to Sketchfab.

Our CEO and co-founder, Alban couldn’t wait to try out Scandy for a 3D selfie:

Scandy co-founder and CEO Cole Wiley: “We believe that Scandy Pro will be a great tool for existing users of 3D scanning and introduce many iPhone X users to 3D content creation. We expect 3D scanning on mobile devices to become a valuable workflow for many professionals. Bringing the ability to share that content from our app directly to the Sketchfab platform provides a lot of value to our Scandy Pro users.”

In addition to scanning, the app also includes a bunch of handy tools for viewing and inspecting 3D files including files not captured with the app itself. Basic editing features will be added to Scandy Pro next month.

You can download the Scandy Pro app for free from the Apple App Store. And to get a sense of the scans you can create from the app, check out Scandy’s model collection on Sketchfab.

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