3D scanning Thursday #14: TCHOTCHKES

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Thank you for participating in #3DST – PLANTS, and Congrats to rowrowfightdapowa, winner with Palo borracho (Ceiba speciosa) #3DST13! She picked the theme for the next 3DST: Tchotchkes.

Now if you’re like me, this one takes some explaining: a tchotchke is a small worthless trinket. I’m guessing you’ll have a few around your place 😉

You can follow the submission thread here.

Prize: get your work featured, and win a $25 Shapeways 3D printing coupon. A unique chance to get your scan printed.


Rules, as usual:

  • Make a 3D scan of a TCHOTCHKE by Thursday, August 28th (find great 3D scanning apps here).
  • Share it on your own Sketchfab account by Thursday, August 28th, with #3DST14 in the title
  • The author of the model getting the most likes by the following Sunday is featured, wins a $25 Shapeways 3D printing coupon and gets to chose the following theme.
  • Multiple entries are ok.
  • Entries scanned before theme announcement are not ok.
  • To know everything about #3DST including great tutorials, check this blog post.

Good luck!

Winner update: Congrats to Daniel_cahill5, winner with Fishy Knick-Knack!

– Bart


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