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3DPrinterOS is a standard operating system for 3D printing. Users of any skill level can manage, edit, fix, slice, share, and print objects from any web-enabled device, and since it was launched earlier this year, has been used to take on more than 7500 hours of 3D printing.

Today, we’re excited that they have integrated with us and 3DPrinterOS users now have access to an entire search engine powered by Sketchfab’s 3D content database. Additionally, using the Sketchfab to Facebook application in 3DPrinterOS, users can now share 3D models directly from 3DPrinterOS to Facebook:

As a primary tool in schools and universities, adding the Sketchfab search engine into 3DPrinterOS opens up a constantly growing library of content for teachers and students alike. With already over 34,000 files in 3DPrinterOS, users can now share files and projects with ease to Facebook. Everyone can then browse shared content in 3D without ever leaving their Facebook feed.

We’re excited to welcome the 3DPrinterOS community to Sketchfab!


– Natalia


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