5 Popular Types of 3D Assets that Sell

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The Sketchfab Store caters to a wide range of buyers, from Fortune 500 organizations to individual artists and creators around the world. When planning what assets to create, it’s important to consider what buyers want to buy. Our mission since the launch of the Sketchfab Store has been to make your life as a seller as easy as possible when it comes to monetizing your creations. As part of this commitment, we want to suggest some content types that are sought after by many of our buyers. If you’re thinking of creating new content, these categories are a great place to start.

Anatomical 3D Models

Anatomical 3D assets are typically quite time-consuming to create and achieving scientific accuracy can be tedious—but the extra effort is worthwhile. Anatomical assets like human organs, skeletal elements, nervous system models, blood cells, and everything else that falls into this general category sell well. Plus, these types of assets are 100% evergreen, meaning that they will always be valuable and useful to buyers.

Typical buyers for Anatomical 3D content include scientific and educational organizations.

Newsworthy 3D Models

When news events occur or new products, such as the Tesla cyber truck, latest iPhone, or your favorite gaming console, are announced, consider modeling the newsworthy item and selling it on the Sketchfab Store under an editorial license. Typically, a well-timed 3D content release can yield tens and sometimes hundreds of sales from the get-go, allowing you to quickly recoup your time investment.

Typical buyers for newsworthy assets include editorial and tech publications.

3D Model Packs

Asset packs sell! Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes—wouldn’t you rather get 5 models for $25 than one model for $19?

If your model has more than one version or different skins, consider selling them as a bundle in your store. Packs of similar items give buyers more flexibility and increase your revenue.

If you are selling individual assets, bundling them together and adding a pack version may increase their appeal and profitability.

Pro tip: Add a link in your model description to the related asset pack, and vice versa, so that buyers are aware of their purchase options.

Typical buyers of asset packs are people or organizations who are looking for options and need variety in the models that they are purchasing.

3D Scans/Photogrammetry

Products made using photogrammetry are popular amongst buyers and we are seeing growing demand for photorealistic scans of real-life 3D objects. Check out our blog for some tips on how to get started.

Typical buyers for 3D scanned models include VFX artists, cultural and educational organizations, and VR/AR professionals.

Animated and Rigged 3D Character Models

That extra effort involved in rigging and animating a character model can go a long way. Many gamedev artists don’t want to spend time rigging and animating, so they specifically search for ready-to-go assets when buying 3D models. By offering rigged and animated models, you greatly increase the chance that your product will sell.

Keep in mind that originality is key here—unleash your imagination, create one-of-a-kind characters with unique animations, and your assets will perform well. Cartoon characters, mythical creatures, beasts, humanoid characters, and robots are just a few types of character assets that buyers search for.

Typical buyer segments for animated and rigged 3D characters include game developers and animators.


We hope these tips come in handy next time you decide to create something you want to sell. For more great tips, check out our Seller Success Handbook. Let’s continue building the best 3D content marketplace together!

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