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Today we’re excited to announce that Sketchfab now hosts over 600,000 free-to-download 3D models! This milestone is made possible by our community of generous creators who upload and share amazing new 3D models every day.

The diversity of downloadable content makes this vast quantity of models a truly unique resource. Whether you’re looking for cars & vehicles, animals & pets, architecture, or literally anything else, Sketchfab has you covered!

Find downloadable 3D models for your next project

It’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for on Sketchfab with our new license search filters. The vast majority of models available for download are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) licenses, but we also feature over 2000 Public Domain CC0 models that can be remixed or downloaded without attribution.

You can also directly import models straight from Sketchfab into your favorite 3D creation software without having to step away from your work. Direct Sketchfab import is integrated into Blender, Adobe Substance 3D, Unity, and Spark AR, among many others.

These import integrations are made possible in part by the automated file conversion that Sketchfab performs on every downloadable model to make it available in its original format as well as the modern interchange formats, glTF and USDZ.

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How have you used free 3D models in your workflow?

Creators who make their work freely downloadable love to see how their 3D models get reused—be sure to post a comment on any model you download to share how you have built on a creator’s work to make something new.

We also maintain a post on the Sketchfab Forum where we share cool reuses of 3D models downloaded from Sketchfab—take a look and feel free to add any examples that you know of, too!

Paying it forward

While it’s great to get things for free, it’s important to give credit where credit is due.

All free downloadable 3D models available on Sketchfab are offered under a Creative Commons license, which means that if you download a free 3D model and you want to use it or build upon it, you need to credit the creator (except for CC0).

When downloading a model from Sketchfab, we give you simple guidance to help you provide proper attribution credit to the model’s original creator.

sketchfab model attribution

Along with a license description on the model download pop-up, we’ve also added a button that lets you copy-paste a correctly formatted attribution credit. Additionally, the Sketchfab Help Center includes a concise explanation of licenses and a simple guide for crediting users for 3D model downloads.

If you’re looking for royalty-free or public domain 3D models, check out the Sketchfab Store and our treasure trove of public domain cultural heritage models.

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