7 ways to EXPLODE your game following with Sketchfab

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1. Screenshots and videos are so 90’s. Use Sketchfab to share your 3D.

Not long ago, we all posted our 3D content with flat screenshots and videos instead of giving people the real 3D experience that you have with Sketchfab embeds. That changes today, because you can now share a fully interactive 3D experience with anyone online with Sketchfab.

Create an account for your game on Sketchfab today.

2. Post your 3D content natively on Facebook and Steam with Sketchfab

For maximum exposure, be sure to use the right hashtag on your social networks. We recommend #gameart and #gamedev for both Twitter and Facebook.

3. Host a Fan Art contest using Sketchfab Collections and Tags

3D modeling and game mods are becoming more mainstream with each passing day. Why not leverage that community to generate buzz around your games by hosting a Fan Art contest? This is rewarding and lets your fans share their passion for your content.

The basics to running a contest are:

  1. Post an announcement link to your audience with your contest rules
  2. Link to signup for Sketchfab and choose a Sketchfab Tag like “leagueoflegends” for your game participants should use.
  3. Add all winning submissions to a Sketchfab collection and share all the entries by using the Sketchfab tag page.

Here’s an example of a Starwars Fan Art contest.

4. Share Sketchfab Collections to Downloadable Content (DLC)

Overkill software, the creators of Payday 2, use Sketchfab Collections to share their latest DLC’s. It’s really simple. Just click the “Add to+” button to create a collection for your latest content page.

5. Use Sketchfab to get feedback about new content

Asking your community for feedback about upcoming content is stellar. It makes them feel like a part of the process and gets their buy in. You can use Sketchfab Annotations to point out certain key changes for feedback or if they simply like a new concept for a character or item.

6. Share your 3D content on Sketchfab with gaming news and press

Screenshot 2016-05-27 15.57.50

As mentioned in point #1, there’s no reason press or gaming news should be using screenshots to share what the game experience might be. With Sketchfab you can provide these sites an in-game snapshot of your game.

Born Ready Games used Sketchfab to do just that. We recommend sending them the full embed code and a link. Also don’t forget to embed Sketchfab on your Press kit page as well.

7. Sharing your 3D content in Virtual Reality (VR) with Sketchfab

Screenshot 2016-05-27 15.31.42

Virtual Reality is a great way to let your audience experience your content like it’s there in the room with them. With just one tap, any model you upload can be viewed in VR. You can use any headset to view Sketchfab 3D models in VR today.

The one requirement while we wait for WebVR support with Chrome and other major browsers. You’d need to download Chromium for head tracking support on the Oculus CV1,DK1/2, and the HTC Vive. More information on that here.

Create an account for your game on Sketchfab today.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or need help with your game send me an email.

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