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When Sketchfab was first started, it was really just a technology; a viewer that allowed anyone to display 3D files in the browser. Over time, it became clear to us that what we were actually building was something much greater – it was turning into a real community. 

With that in mind, the team has been hard at work building V2 of Sketchfab. The site in its current form has been a great starting point – easy uploading, staff picked galleries to show off the amazing work being created, and smart tools to ease your workflow. But we know there’s a lot of room for improvement, and want to make it easier for the community to connect with each other, and ultimately help you make your 3D content social. Thats been the inspiration behind V2, and we think you’re going to really love the new design and features we have in store for you. 

To kick things off, what you see above will be our new logo. You’ve probably seen it popping up already on a few places like our Photoshop integration, our Google+ page or our new meetup group. It’s a small taste of whats to come in the next few months… stay tuned 🙂 

ps: quick tip, come to our 1st NYC meetup, Tuesday February 11th, if you want a sneak-peak!


PoustEx from BaloOm on Sketchfab.

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