Announcing "Petrified" - A Sketchfab, Artella Co-Production

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Earlier this week we announced that collaborative creative platform Artella has added Sketchfab support to allow artists to join together on animation and VR projects from all over the world and share and review 3D and VR content.

Today, we have some further exciting news. We’ve teamed up with Artella to launch a VR animated experience we’re calling “Petrified”. A team of modelers, animators, riggers and look development artists has been assembled from both the Artella and Sketchfab communities and teamed up with Director Tim Rudder to create something unique in record breaking time.

This is a terrific opportunity to push the VR capabilities of Sketchfab and encourage others to do the same by following along with our project as we learn together how to create animated experiences optimized for as many devices as possible.

Follow along for updates at our project page for “Petrified” on Artella and we’ll also be sharing updates here on the Sketchfab blog. We have some exciting news to share along the way and a few surprises too that will benefit the entire Sketchfab community. The project is expected to be completed toward the end of April.

Now, meet the Sketchfab community members who are contributing their incredible talent to this project:

ArtQ: Character Design and Modeling

Gracemojica: Research & Development

Tom Schafer: Rigging

PaulsRage: Environmental Modeling and Surfacing


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