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When we saw the google cardboard initiative, we immediately fell in love with the concept, and started brainstorming on how we could bring this to our community. We are excited to announce we worked on our own version of the cardboard – the sketchboard, or the cardfab, you decide 🙂


What does it mean?

The Sketchfab cardboard lets you browse any Sketchfab model in virtual reality, using just a smartphone, a browser, and a piece of cardboard. It means you can have access to our gallery of more than 150,000 3D pieces of content in a more immersive way, at no cost. Ever wanted to dive into le Louvre statues?


How does it work?

  • Fold the Sketchfab cardboard
  • Get a mobile phone with WebGL support – the Sketchfab cardboard works great on a nexus 5 phone, and should work with any mobile phone.
  • Open any Sketchfab model and click the Cardboard button at the bottom of the viewer:
  • Put the phone in the Sketchfab cardboard slot
  • Experience virtual reality!


Where to get it?

Right now, the Sketchfab cardboard is an experiment. We are giving them away to Sketchfab users at our Siggraph booth #544 this week, and are looking into the best way to get it to as many people as possible. If you are interested in getting one, or want to get notified when we release it to the public, feel free to drop us a line:


PS: even though you can download JuanG3D’s model of this viewer, you can’t just build yourself one without the proper set of lenses! We haven’t been able to source these so for each on-line purchase, so keep that in mind.


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