Around the World in 80 Models: Porto Alegre City

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Hop on board as we continue our journey Around the World in 80 Models! We began our itinerary at Sketchfab headquarters in New York and are working our way through Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, South America, and North America. To catch up on past destinations, check out the rest of the Around the World in 80 Models series.

This week we head to Porto Alegre, Brazil to join Cristian Magadan and his model of man’s best friend.

Porto Alegre: Praça da Matriz

My name is Cristian Magadan and I’m located in Porto Alegre city, Brazil. I starting with 3D scanning in 2012, when I tried to put some 3D scanned objects into an old 3D game engine called Doom (1989); I scanned some models and voxelized to design a level with Doom Builder. After this I started to work with Unity 3D and make my own objects to compose scenes. I first started 3D scanning as a hobby, but now in 2016 I’m starting to work with some companies here in my city with creative projects. I have a Nikon D5200 DSLR and a Smartphone LG G3 with SCANN3D application that I use sometimes.

I chose this model because this place is very expressive in my city. This bronze dog is located in a famous square of Porto Alegre City, in south of Brazil, called ‘Praça da matriz’. It was built in 1903. Its a interesting place because many popular protests happening in this place.

To scan this model I chose a cloudy day with the sun not too strong. I used my cell phone from LG, the G3 model which captures photos in 4K resolution. The software I chose for this first smartphone 3D Scan was Autodesk Memento Beta.

The biggest challenge to 3D scanning with a single common camera , is that you have to put yourself in the machine vision; that is, you need to understand what the computer will see in order to process the model . If you have studied about computer vision you know what I mean. The photos need to cover all angles to not miss any detail, no bending. Forgetting some coverage of the object will result in defects in the 3D Scan, for although 3D reconstruction algorithms are increasingly powerful, they cannot guess what a detail not captured really is.

You can see the full history here (in Brazilian Portuguese).

To see more of Cristian’s models here on Sketchfab, check out his profile!

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