Art Spotlight: The 4 Seasons of Melbourne

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Marc-O-Matic started off as an unusual nickname in reference to those strange ‘O-Matic’ contraptions and machines from the early 20th century like the Wash-O-Matic or Steam-O-Matic. It sort of just stuck and I’ve been working with it ever since…

I’m an Australian born, Irish/Filipino Multidisciplinary Artist, Animator, Storyteller and Technologist based in Victoria with a particular interest for fusing more traditional visual aesthetics and styles into Immersive AR and VR technologies.

I’ve worked in a number of creative fields for various companies in Melbourne and only made the leap into AR and VR in early 2016 after I received a scholarship to attend San Francisco’s Game Developer’s Conference. It significantly changed my career path and I’ve since since been trying to push the boundaries, creating Immersive Art and Storytelling experiences through Augmented and Virtual Reality. I’ve been trying to pioneer my own detailed art style and techniques after independently producing my very own VR Storytelling series ‘Before the Junk Age’ and touring my augmented illustrated artworks that come alive out of the canvas through my ‘’Moving Marvels‘ art collection. I’ve since been showcasing and selling my creations locally and Internationally, being featured at ACMI (Australian Centre of the Moving Image) Melbourne State Library, Telstra and Github Headquarters in San Francisco.

Promo video of my work:

Tools Used

This was actually a commissioned Augmented Reality artwork for the city of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. It was for the annual Knowledge Week Festival that showcases and explores the latest innovations in technology and creativity that are shaping the future and so I wanted to demonstrate the applications of Immersive technologies outside of video games and through a fusion of Traditional Art and Storytelling. I created this work to parody Melbourne’s notorious ‘4 season in one day’ weather and illustrated most of the landmarks and buildings that are iconic to the city.
I work with both traditional and digital mediums, so this was originally freehand hand drawn with ballpoint ink and ink wash as a standalone artwork. The work was then scanned and spliced to prepare its textures for the 3D representation of the artwork. I used Maya to model and choreograph the animations and then exported it into Unity 3D to build the Augmented functionality.

See the Augmented 3D  Demonstration video here:

When viewers look at the artwork via mobile device or tablet, the City of Melbourne jumps out of the canvas and reveals a hidden layer of animation and storytelling to the work. I’ve been trying to push the boundaries of storytelling through Immersive technologies and am currently in the process of making my very own augmented and interactive picture book.


I’m kicking myself for only discovering Sketchfab’s platform a few weeks ago. I never knew showcasing live 3d models was actually possible until now. I really enjoy creating animated microcosms with so many things happening at once, so being able to showcase that really excited me. I’ve generally presented video renders of my 3D works to showcase online but being able to let your audience see the actual works up close has presented alot of egg citing opportunities for me. It means I can present working animated prototypes to clients and get reviews and feedback instantly without having to render out an iterated demonstration every time.

I  generally post updates on up and coming creations so don’t hesitate to reach out on social media!





About the author

Marco Ryan

I blend my hand drawn Illustrated artworks with 3D Animation and Immersive technologies


  • Marco says:

    Thanks for the feature, guys. Really chuffed for showing off my first piece on Sketchfab!
    Can’t wait to show you more!

  • Bart Veldhuizen says:

    Thanks Marco! Can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with next 🙂

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