Art Spotlight: An Accident in the Gallery

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In Art Spotlight, we invite Sketchfab artists to talk about one of their designs.

Hi everyone,

My name is Krzysztof Mikolajczyk and I’m originally from Poland.I’m a 3d modeller/texture/game artist in Vienna and am currently looking for a job. Six months ago I found an opportunity for interactive 3D models with Sketchfab. For many years I’ve work with 3DS Max. I’m here today to talk a bit about the creation process of one of my uploads to Sketchfab, an accident in the gallery!

How did I start?

I start with 3d work once I get an idea. The next step is to look for reference images. After that I make some sketches. But in this case it was different. I tested a voxel program of my school friend, who develops it with Unity and I created some basic animal models.

I never created a voxel model before this and I decided to make a 3d scene with these objects. The next step was to include a mini story in this scene. Is it possible that a butterfly can beat a lion? – Yes!

In 3ds Max I built a simple scene with a wall and floor. After that I created 3 pictures with the animals. The lion object I split in 22 parts. For creating physical simulations I used MassFX Tool. When I was satisfied with the simulation result, I baked animation and without problems I could import the animation as an FBX-file to Sketchfab.

For texturing I used standard materials from 3ds max. I didn’t need unwrap for all objects because I played only with color values.

Lighting and post processing effects from Sketchfab enable me to create a special atmosphere in the 3d scene. In this case I activated vignette, bloom and tone mapping effects.

Sketchfab gave me an big opportunity to show my models in their interactive viewer and I can find many inspiring works in this community. Another plus is the ability to embed your 3d interactive models into social media, so thanks for an awesome dynamic platform.

Thanks for reading this and have fun with 3d on Sketchfab.

Thanks Krzysztof!

You can see more of Krzysztof’s work here on Sketchfab and on his Artstation.


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