Art Spotlight: Ancient Golem

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Hi everyone, I’m Huy Duc Phan (known as “Breaking”). I’m a 3D Freelance Artist from Viet Nam.

The first time I learned about the existence of 3D was 2 years ago. It was then that I started to search for the keyword “3D” and learned how to make 3D models. Since that moment, I have fallen into love with the Lowpoly/ Handpainted style. Teaching myself the basics of 3D, without taking any courses, was truly a harsh and tough job, but my choice was not giving it up. It still is.


During this period, I usually looked for references on Artstation, Sketchfab, Pinterest, and so on.

When I was searching for work from other artists, the 2D concepts of Sephiroth Art popped up out of the blue, and a thought flashed through my mind: “Why not try with this?”. And voila, I turned it into 3D, hoping that I could improve my Lowpoly/ Handpainted skills and that it would look good in 3D.

My inspiration came from 2d artist Sephiroth Art on Artstation and my favorite 3D Artist Curlscurly on Sketchfab.


I can use both Maya and Blender for modeling and UV, but Blender is always my favorite, because it works well, I think. I also use 3D Coat for texturing, because painting on this software is kind of similar to Photoshop.


At first, I planned to sculpt the high poly model in Zbrush. But I realized that I could save more time by modeling it low poly in Blender.

Here are some words for those who, like me, love the Lowpoly/ Handpainted style. When I began modeling, I had done some analysis, then divided and planned for each section. I modeled small details first, starting with the ground, the grass, the sword, the stones, and then the golem.


I used 3D Coat for textures. I stuck to the 2D concept and only used handpainting for this model (That means no AO bake map).

The key is that when you start painting, it’s a good idea to paint small details first to find a little motivation for yourself. No need to rush to paint large details or you will be very discouraged.

Setup on Sketchfab

I used the shadeless setting on the Sketchfab 3D Settings and then added some effects from the “Post processing filters” like sharpness, vignette and bloom . Using the plugin is very useful for quick, easy and simple application.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading!

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