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Hello, my name is Tony Camehl aka tony_eight, and I am a self-taught creature designer and Concept Artist. I am currently still working as a freelancer for the film and game industry. Since 2005, I have gone into business for myself and started to work in the art industry. As part of this decision I started to learn more about real animals and their anatomy. Every single animal on our planet is interesting and fascinating, and I try to learn something new every day. My goal is not only to design authentic and anatomically correct creatures but also to convey a story with the aid of my creations and to emotionally affect the viewer.

The idea for the figure Arnodyr Child came to me after learning more about the anatomy and behavior of deers. After looking at various centaur designs (in 3D as well as in 2D) online the following questions came into mind: If the species centaur were to really exist, would there be subspecies of this race? And would these subspecies directly stem from horses? How would a centaur look like that is a composition of a deer and a human?

After learning more about the different subspecies of the deer, I began to create a so-called test model. The goal was to familiarize myself with the human and animal anatomy and how these two parts are better merged so the end result looks plausible and authentic.


Basically, I used ZBrush for modeling the figure and for rendering I used Keyshot. In order to shape a figure like that I prefer to use the so-called ClayBuildUp brush in ZBrush, as well as the Move and the Dam Standard brushes. These are the three brushes that I use most of all in my works. As soon as I have finished the actual work, I load up the model in Keyshot and add primitive forms such as the cube which I can later on, add light to it so that I have more control over light and shadow.

If you are interested in the process of modeling and want to learn more you can watch this time-lapse video.

A few weeks ago I decided to upload the Arnodyr Child in Sketchfab in order to provide the viewer with a better experience because now you can rotate the creature by yourself. Sometimes a 2D generated image does not suffice to tell a story or present an idea. This way the viewer has the chance to look at the creature from every single perspective.

At this point I want to thank the Sketchfab team for giving me the opportunity to write this short article about my working progress and to inspire some of you.

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