Art Spotlight: Arya and Nymeria Run Cycle

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In Art Spotlight, we invite Sketchfab artists to talk about one of their designs.

Hi! We are Grace Mojica and Qarlos Quintero, a couple of artists and geeks. We met in an animation studio and after some time we started dating and creating projects together,we work on our free time at home. These projects are usually inspired by something we like a movie, tv series, book or a video game.

Qarlos is the illustrator and the modeler so he starts creating the concept art, he looks for style references and do some sketches.

Then we choose the best and he models it and create the textures, usually taking as a direct reference the final concept art.

For the rigging both can do it so the one who is available creates the rigg and tests the character. We have a standar.bip animation for testing the skin.

Then is time for animation, we do a brainstorm and plan the animation, usually something related with the characters personality, Grace creates an animation short and funny, sometimes just a loop.

When the animation is finished Qarlos creates a background using the same style of the concept art.

Grace does the final render, color correction and composition. And the video is ready to share online! Sometimes we work for 2D too using After Effects for the animation.


Grace is a multimedia engineer who specialized in animation at Animation Mentor. She’s been working in 3D for 8 years now, she started working as a 3D generalist for the same studio she did the internship and after a while started working as an animator. She has worked for tv commercial, short films, web and video games. Currently she is working half time as animation teacher in a University and half time as a freelance animator.

You can see her work here on her Sketchfab portfolio, on Behance and on her personal website.

Qarlos is a graphic designer who specialized in children’s illustrations. He’s been working for seven years as concept artist and 3D modeler. He has experience in tv commercials,short films, feature films and video games, and is currently working as the art director in a game studio.

You can see Qarlos’ work here on his Sketchfab porftfolio, Behance, ArtStation and on

Sketchfab has helped us showing our projects for applying for jobs or to include them in other websites as a portfolio, it’s easier to upload the mesh and the animation and the recruiter or anyone can see the animations and models from all the possible viewpoints than creating some cameras, render it and create a video, a video it’s pretty limited because you can’t see the complete model and the animation details.

Thanks Grace and Qarlos!

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