Art Spotlight: Awesome Mix Guardians of the Galaxy

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In Art Spotlight, we invite Sketchfab artists to talk about one of their designs.

My name is Romain Lambert, I’m a young 3D Artist from Belgium. It is known for its good beers and chocolate but there is also a great school of art in Namur, the ‘Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard’. I’m graduated from this school, where I learned different things like 3D modeling/texturing, 2D concept art and some animation. It was cool and fun!

Since my childhood, I always liked comic books or movies, but especially I loved video games. With this passion combined to my feeling in art, I think that idea of making 3D projects related to Marvel came logically. My first one, was the reproduction of some weapons from a Rocket Raccoon’s comic book and after that one I had the plan to realize a small scene filled with objects from Guardians of the Galaxy at the same time that I saw the trailer for the next movie.

A good way to push my skills!

This scene was a personal project but I put to myself some constraints, keeping this one for realtime game with no more than 40k tris and only one 2048 set of textures (PBR).

To begin, I modeled the table and the radio, which were the biggest assets, to have the first positioning of my UVs. All other props were done after and they have filled the free space, except the lamp that was created with the radio’s texture (the table is the only element with a pixel ratio different, because I needed a few UV’s space to optimize it!).

The modeling was mainly done in Maya with some of Zbrush for ‘Groot’ or other details.

For the texturing, all was realized in Substance Painter 1. One bad thing, there was not “no padding” option at the export back in SP1… so I had a little bit more of work in Photoshop to combine all the textures but this problem is not anymore in the great SP2.

To render my scene, I used Marmoset to capture the best angles to create my personal composition after. However, I really like to let the free hand to the user on the 3D model and for this, I like to put my model on Sketchfab and share it!

Sketchfab is a good way to show your work in realtime with a nice community around. There are different great tools but I particularly like the animation feature with wich you can add so much more life to your project. This website is simple to use and it allows a real good visibility for your work. Like these Art Spotlights and more!

If you have more interest in my art, you can find me on Facebook or Arstation!

Don’t hesitate to follow me here, on Sketchfab too!

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