Art Spotlight: Black Hand's Killzone Shadow Fall Fan Art

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My name is Pierrick Le Texier, I’m a French student at New3dge Art School and I would like to become a Character Artist. I started studying 3D about 5 years ago. Before that I was passionate about all kinds of creative and artistic things like drawing, playing music, etc. After high school I was quite curious about the world of video games, however I didn’t know anything about it (in terms of technical aspects, I mean). That was why I decided to focus my studies on this field. When I became aware of all the different jobs in this industry I was quite impressed and was quickly attracted to 3D modeling with the help of 3D modeling softwares like Blender (I love Blender ;D). It’s only this year that I decided to become a character artist after my studies, because it’s the only field in which I really enjoy creating things.

Why I made this character

First of all, this work was an exercise that I had to complete for my studies. My professor was Cedric Seaut and I learned many things with him during this course. For this one I had to choose a character concept from among several and I chose this one who comes from the game Killzone: Shadow Fall. I chose this one because I rarely make clothing in 3D. It was a challenge for me! ^^

How I did this work

Making this piece in Zbrush took 70% of the time that I spent on the model. First I place a nude male body in Zbrush and I start to place block out the elements (with the help of Dynamesh).

For the fabric I use Marvelous Designer. (It’s really a good software for making fabric!) And finally for the gun I make a basemesh in Blender.

It barely looks like this at this step.

When all of my mesh is blocked out,I start to make one clean subtool for all the different elements. By “clean subtool” I mean a subtool with good topology allowing for clean division in Zbrush.

And finally (this is the longest part I think.): the details!

I take all the parts one by one and I start making all the small details. Here is an example with the head.

When all the sculpting is finished, I paint some color information on it for making a material ID map. I decimate my model to import it in Blender to allow me to do the retopology and the UV on it.

In Substance Painter, using the high poly mesh and the low mesh, I bake all the important maps (AO, Normal, WorldSpace Normal, Material ID and Curvature). With that done I can then do the most fun part for me: the texturing ! 😀

I think the texturing is the coolest part (only if you have made a good model with good baked maps) because I find the sensation of working in Substance Painter very “smooth” and fun!
With your ID map you can select only one material (for example the metal) and apply all the metal of your model on one layer. In the same way you can easily separate the others materials!

Quickly you can have a good overview of your model with some simple texture that allows you to check if something is wrong on the global contrast of your character or if one color doesn’t match with the others, for example. To finish you can also add small details like dirt or dust on your model to create a more realistic feeling.

Once everything is OK you can export your texture and load it on your favorite game engine!

For this work I finally import the low poly mesh and all the textures into Marmoset and I make some screenshots!

For a better overview of my work I import my sculpt into Keyshot and make some renders. I did some retouching in Photoshop and here is the result!

After all these steps I wanted to share my work directly in 3D and Sketchfab allows me to do this! All the post processing possibilities remind me of Marmoset and I really enjoy it.

This model was really the first that I’m really proud of and after making this I had only one pressing need: do others characters!

Marmoset render with Photoshop retouching

I want to thank all of the Sketchfab team for their work. (Keep doing amazing works guys :D) For all the promotional things they do to put forward this work and other colleague’s works and for this amazing opportunity to do this art spotlight! It’s my first time doing this so I hope you’ll find this interesting and that it made you want to see more 😀

If you want you can see my Artstation or of course my Sketchfab profile.

Thank you all for reading this and see ya!

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