Art Spotlight: Cartoon Lowpoly Earth Planet

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Hello 🙂 My name is Anton, and I am an artist from Dnipro, central Ukraine. My passion is graffiti, illustrations, and digital art. I have been working as a freelancer for nearly 5 years, and for the last few years as a stocker of 3D models on different marketplaces. I prefer low poly cartoon style 3D, because I think illustration never gets old, as happens with classic 3D.

Background & Training

In 2008 I started to study 3D at academy using 3ds Max. In 2013 I discovered Cinema 4d and it was much simpler, faster and works on Mac. It’s the perfect software to create cartoon low poly illustrations, animation.

For the last few years I have been interested in real time renders,engines, game 3D, UVW texturing – I think this is the future of 3d. And Sketchfab is it!

Why this model?

This project is the second version of a planet, that I created a few years ago. This first project was featured on marketplaces, and sells very well, so I created the 2.0 version.

The updated Planet is more detailed, colored, optimized, and most importantly this item is game ready.

The Process

First I created a UVW texture with continents shapes in Photoshop, to texture the sphere in Cinema 4d and extrude continents.

Next all the pieces were disconnected, colored and smoothed using subdivision surface.

All scene objects were textured by one image with a palette, and the polygons’ UVW group was placed to color the area.

Here is how the texture looked: just small 100×100 pieces of key colors and gradients, to fill polygon groups.

Next the scene was completed with details from previous assets, such as buildings, trees, ships + some new elements.

Here are the elements that are animated; the anchor point is at the center of the planet, so rotation can be looped on 360 keyframes.

I used Physical Sky for lighting and a few effects, such as Global Illumination + Ambient Occlusion. The rendered image had Alpha channel for post production.

Final Image:
The static image went to Photoshop for postproduction: custom background, color correction, light leaks.

Uploading and setting up in Sketchfab

The exported format was .fbx with animation.

For the Sketchfab upload I worked with the same rules and effects. The scene was lit with a spotlight, I uploaded a custom background, I added effects such as SSAO, and I increased contrast by using a Tone Mapping effect.

Custom Background:
JPEG image, that overlaps the scene.

3 point light objects, with violet and orange light colors, to create a “warm-cold” light effect.

Postproduction effects:
SSAO, Vignette to increase depth and add little bit of contrast.

Final 3D:

Sketchfab / Website / Behance

About the author

Anton Moek

Digital 3d freelance artist, love to create low poly 3D models

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