Art Spotlight: Cyber Ecstasy!

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In Art Spotlight, we invite Sketchfab artists to talk about one of their designs.

Hey People!

I’m Sudhan and I’m a freelance Concept Artist based in India. I’ve always loved coming up with whimsical characters and stories. My recent addiction to ZBrushing and painting has facilitated that more!

Idea and Inspiration

I love robots but I was terrified witless about making one because I’ve never made one before. Also I was craving some Mr.Robot, :p so I took some inspiration from Elliot being a “cyber security”[Yup that’s where the security cam-ish head came from, haha] engineer and got started making a cyberpunk robot guy.


I started with a 1 hour speed sculpt to get all the ideas and bigger forms in place.

Keep it loose!

Keep it loose!

At this point I do not worry about details, wrinkles and all that stuff. This stage is more about finding the shapes and elements that describe the character as close as possible.

Still loose but it’s enough to start breaking symmetry

Still loose but it’s enough to start breaking symmetry


Once the elements are in place, I start refining forms, add color information with polypaint and make sure everything I need symmetry for is taken care of before the next step.


Lots of things to fix here: Pants, arms, shoes, etc.

Lots of things to fix here: Pants, arms, shoes, etc.

Especially in the case of character work it’s more appealing to put your character in a pose and try to tell a story with it rather than leave it in the uber boring t-pose. For posing I relied on ZBrush’s Transpose Master plugin.

In this case I wanted to imply Mr. Rob-Bot has made a shady deal he might not be fully aware of. [Again, pulling more references from the show about Elliot’s split personalities and drug abuse].


BPR Renders from ZBrush

BPR Renders from ZBrush


After posing it’s time to turn symmetry off and refine the shapes. At this point I start thinking about presentation ideas and also testing how the light and shadow shapes look on the sculpt once rendered. Since that information can be used to set the mood and tone towards the end.


These UV’s suck for production but for concepting purposes, it works!

These UV’s suck for production but for concepting purposes, it works!


It’s always a good idea to keep the poly count as low as possible for web upload. In my case I used the Decimation Master Plugin in ZBrush to being the poly count to web-friendly levels. If you’re uploading a concept sculpt and need to use texture sheets; I’d recommend using the various Auto UV tools in ZBrush to quickly generate the maps you require.

-[Bonus]: Presentation!

image03There’s no set rule here, besides play with the settings! Experiment with using them in ways they were not originally intended to be. Find a way to set the mood that enhances the character/model you’re presenting.

In this case I was inspired once more by the bold lighting choices in Mr.Robot and riffed up something based on that.

And here’s Mr.Rob-Bot!

Being able to showcase your sculpts inside of a browser is more engaging than a boring turntable video.

I do not know how the people at Sketchfab do it. But I really love the web based 3D editor!

Support for vertex color, Custom lighting setups, post-processing filters to abuse; What’s not to love?!

And I love how the sketchfab staff are super active in curating the stream of content on a daily basis. Thank you for all the support!

I hope this was useful in some way! You can stalk me in these other places If you’d like to! ^^

Twitch | ArtStation | Instagram

Thanks, Sudhan! What examples of narrative body posture do you like on Sketchfab? Post it below! Comments? Questions? Those go below too! 

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