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In Art Spotlight, we invite Sketchfab artists to talk about one of their designs.

Note: We just released animations for everyone!

Hi! This story begins back in 2000 when my parents gave me a PS1. It came with a bunch of pirate disks that didn’t run without a special chip. I didn’t have a PC at that time and all the demo disk games were completed till the very end. Exactly at that time, I liked 3D graphics. By the way, this is that disk.

PS1 owners remember for sure the VCD recorders; there were colorful birds and two weird human heads turning to music. Today I’m gonna tell you how I made a fan-art for this demo.

First of all, I made some birds and put them one above the other. Big ones in the middle and smaller ones to the edges. Then the birds were turned around the Z-axis at different angles, and joined into four objects. With 250 frames, big birds did one turn, medium ones did two turns, and the smallest ones did three turns. Three animations for the whole bundle of birds in total.

Then the small balls with owl faces were animated the same way, three animations with different scales for the local Z-axis were made, but pulsations were synchronous for all objects. Then I put owls near the scene’s center chaotically. The red particles were made very simple; this was one mesh going through the scene. The shining was made with a post-process glow effect. The sky is a sphere with normals inside out.

I’m happy my work got staff picked. Thanks to the Sketchfab team for a wonderful tool! Greetings from Russia.

Thanks Andrey!

You can find more of Andrey’s work on his Sketchfab profile and on his personal website.

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