Art Spotlight: Dodge Challenger 1971

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In Art Spotlight, we invite Sketchfab artists to talk about one of their designs.


My name is Ahmad Hafidh Azkia Alam, people call me Haqi. I am a self-taught 3D artist from Indonesia. I am a gamer and I have loved 3D art since I was in high school but at the time, I had no PC, no internet connection at home, no related educational background –not even a course about it– not because that I didn’t want to, but it was because I couldn’t afford any of those. So it was rather difficult for me back then. I finally got my first PC in 2005, I was so happy. It wasn’t a fancy PC though, but it helped me a lot in learning 3D art and pursue my passion:  game art.

My first professional job as 3D artist was in 2008. It was a small local studio that was working on a TV series. I became a technical director in 2009 and it was not because I was a genius, but it was no other candidate! (haha). But it was challenging, yet I learned a lot.

Then in 2010 was my first experience in game development. From 2012 to 2016, I have been working on tv series and feature films mostly.

Now I am a 3D asset supervisor and trainer in one of animation studios in Indonesia. I will join one of the game studios here in the next 2 weeks, so I am back in the game, so to speak!

So in the last 8 years, I have worked for two TV series, three feature films, four video games, a documentary film, and some other various freelance jobs.

Dodge Challenger ‘71 – The Background

The main reason I chose this artwork is probably because I haven’t worked on a 3D vehicle for almost a year. Most of my works were characters at that time. And another reason is because I love cars, especially classic muscle cars!

I started to gather all references, as usual, and worked on the model during my spare time.

The Start

My objective was trying to avoid using a normal map for the model’s surface. I would only use it for mud/dirt/rust effects, meaning it had to be a smooth and neat surface.

So I started by using spline modeling in 3ds Max to start with. For me, it’s easier to modify the surface and maintain the curves.


Once I got the result that I wanted, I duplicated it, and then I kept one of them as a back up and I converted it to edit poly, and optimized it without messing up the surface. (I put a very reflective material/shader to check and maintain the surface). Sometimes, I use edit normal modifier to tweak the normal angle in some areas to get better reflection without adding polygons.


I am sure many of you have different methods, and I believe some of you have better methods. Please kindly discuss the the comment section below, I would be more than happy to discuss improving my method.

UVs and Textures

My objective was to create an old car so I needed to take into consideration how the stains, rust, dust, worn paint, etc. would look to to be as natural as possible. In this way, these dings in the metal would be telling its own story.

The model has several UV sets and textures. I used Substance Painter on this one, and it’s a pretty cool software.


People ask me how did I created the headlight. Here’s what I did:



Basically I painted an emissive effect over the headlight housing with gradient. Then I added texture on the glass part with the emissive effect on it. This makes it look like there is a volume effect inside the headlight and the refraction effect when the light hits the glass object of the headlight.

Once again, if anyone has a better method of texturing, please share!

Sketchfab Time!

It’s time to send it to Sketchfab.

Here’s my Sketchfab setup:


I am relatively new to Sketchfab, but for me Sketchfab is really really awesome! I love it. It’s very simple and user friendly, has cool features, and fast. I enjoy a lot playing around, experimenting with the shader, lights, post-effects and all that, and I love it!

I spent hours to decide which setting to go with (lol).. it is fun.

I use Sketchfab for presenting a lot of my 3D art, and it’s so cool and easy to use.

This sums up my development for this my first public artwork on Sketchfab. I was so happy to know that it has been added to staff picks.

And here it is!

Thank you!

Many thanks for your time. I really hope you find it useful. If you have any question or things you want to discuss, please feel free to post me in comment section below.

And I really want to congratulate and thank to the team at Sketchfab for making the cool real-time online viewer, you guys rock!
Here’s my online portfolio and FB link. Feel free to reach out to me on either! 

Thank you, Ahmad! Please give him feedback on how to effectively modify his models and any other advice you can think of!


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  • shaderbytes says:

    Great work on those headlights indeed 😉 I feel some more texture space could have been used to up the resolution though instead of cramming everything into one 2k texture. So then you have a high res Master version. For gaming you could always just atlas those and down sample for lower LOD versions. Anyway great job none the less!

  • Ahmad Hafidh Azkia Alam says:

    thank you so much, so glad that you like it! 😀
    I totally agree with you. my first plan was to separate into several 4k textures (main exterior, interior+engine, etc), but I had a problem with my low-end VGA (GTX 650 with 1gb Vram) in using substance painter. my VGA could only handle single 2k texture. gotta upgrade my graphic card soon
    Thank you again for your input 😉

  • Phil Gosch says:

    Great work and awesome explanation! Interesting technique for the headlights.

  • darkminaz says:

    Interesting work on the headlights, will try that out at some point 🙂
    Really nice work on the dirt, looks really realistic.

    You could maybe smooth your round parts a bit more, especially the headlights since they look slightly edgy.
    But good work aside from that

  • Thanks, mate!
    so glad you like it

  • i think you are right in this one.
    Thank you for your input, sir 🙂

  • Brian Selman says:

    Great work and thanks for sharing this. I have been looking into how to model vehicles so this helps out a lot.

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