Art Spotlight: German Super Tank

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In Art Spotlight, we invite Sketchfab artists to talk about one of their designs.

Hi guys! My name is Bergmann, I’m a traditional sculptor/Character Artist/Rigger looking for a permanent job. I’m fascinated by the Napoleonic Wars, steampunk tendencies and fantastic worlds like Warhammer, Lord of the Rings and Warcraft. I always prefer to model humanoids as you can see in my Artstation, but this is my passion! So no limits.

This model arose from a creative conversation with my younger brother, he has a great imagination. The Keywords were Submarine, Airplane and Tank, three powerful machines in one. I’m not a good draftsman, but I know how many talented artist share their inspirational pieces.


Reference by James Hawkins


With this idea I started to modeling in Maya, using polygons, keeping everything easy, not too many extrusions, cuts and welds; the Maya modeling toolkit has all that I need. I think that an ideal primitive exists for each final piece.


Completed in about 20 hours


I use Maya also for the UVs, the complete texture has divided in 4 sets with the objective of preserving all detail in 2K maps.


Then, let’s Substance! I love the idea of painting all channels at once, just collecting good alphas (recommended) and test the huge gallery of material playing with the values. As you can see, only half of the model is needed, the previous step must seek to economize the texture space mirroring the UV coordinates.


Finally the animation! This is my first vehicle rig, it was very difficult because of the complexity of the mechanism (1 turret, 5 machine guns, 8 wheels and a lot of propellers).

I tried to make all intuitive controls (weapons aim/ retractable wheels and wings), the result of a good combination of customized pivots, constraints and driven keys.

Rig overview

That’s it!

Thanks Sketchfab for providing this excellent platform for portfolios like mine and above all to find inspiration.

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Hope you like it, Thanks for reading!

Thanks Bergmann!

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