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In Art Spotlight, we invite Sketchfab artists to talk about one of their designs. After seeing Rinn Ong’s Godzilla, I wanted to know more.

Hi, Sketchfab Users! I’m Rinn Ong from Taiwan. I will share my 3d fanart work creation process in Sketchfab. It’s from the Godzilla 2014 edition. I think Legendary Pictures, Inc is successful on modeling design and I really like it. But I want to do more than just watch it – I want to make it too.

However my work did not closely resemble Godzilla, because I had too few references. When I got enough references I did another remake. It’s really funny right? Ok,let me talk about making it in mode detail.

Before starting work on this scene, I found many as many helpful reference as I can, and start to sketch key positions until I have the entire body in ZBrush.

When all the high polygon model work was done, I did the retopo in Zbrush too, and tried to be economical with my polygon count – it will be helpful to save computer resources or when rigging. Finally,I used 8,475 polys on the body.

After the modeling work, I baked the textures in Topogun and got its normal map, ambient occlusion map, and cavity map to help painting texture.

I used the cavity map to make diffuse and specular texture detail with mixed photoshop layers.

Finally, my basic Godzilla model is finished. This is the first time I shared my creative process, thanks everyone for reading.

Godzilla2014 fans artwork
by rinnong
on Sketchfab

Thanks Rinn Ong!

Don’t forget to check out Rinn Ong’s profile on Sketchfab and his ArtStation.

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