Art Spotlight: Handongue

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by nikohard
on Sketchfab

In Art Spotlight, we invite Sketchfab artists to talk about one of their designs. Today, Huko Xapg gives us a ‘look behind the scenes’ of Handongue.

My idea for the Handongue, was to make a character, that is unique. And i have never seen something like that – a character with a face for lower back, and the tongue to be the third leg of the character. He was supposed to have big hands to walk on with huge fingers and palms. The character has a mask on his face. And the face itself is not seen. He has no eyes, and has only big mouth with teeth in it.

So i have few images of the process. The character itself is at least a year old. And the first version was like that:

Then there was refining, which took more time than than the first phase. Then i decided to add chain and a little pose, as he is walking.

And then, few hours later, refining and modelling. That was the result:

Then, as i had the high poly. I ZRemeshed the parts in Zbrush. Then exported them in 3dsMax, where i delete some invisible polys and optimising a little. Not going too heavy on optimising, because of the time. Then made automatic Uvs in Zbrush, and then bake the textures and normal map in Xnormal. Then little Photoshop work and it is done.

That’s it in base line how i did all of my characters. My intend is to be original, funny, and creative.

Thanks for sharing Huko!

Don’t forget to visit Huko’s portfolio on Sketchfab!

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