Art Spotlight: Isometric Car Animation

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In Art Spotlight, we invite Sketchfab artists to talk about one of their designs.

Hello there! My name is Gavin Grant, I am currently working for Fujitsu as a 3D artist modeling hardware equipment for an ongoing project. This will help tech call center employees view products in a 3D environment with animations and annotations instead of standard images.

Anyway enough about my day job, although I do love it.

I have been interested in 3D art and modeling from around the age of 13, after learning how to make a cube move in Cinema 4d, I was hooked and the rest is history. I am also a freelance photographer in my spare time

Just over a month ago I started toying with the idea of creating a set of daily renders. I have always liked the idea of low polygon and isometric renders, though I had not done any before  so this quickly became the main theme for my daily renders.

Initially I was not going to put them on Sketchfab, but I thought it would add to the challenge of coming up with a different scene / model each day. Not only did it pose more of a challenge but it also forced me to add more details to each scene, no getting away not adding detail where the camera cannot see on a flat image. And so as the days went on I started toying around with the idea of adding animation into the scene (why not add more challenge!)

So today I will talk about: Isometric car animation – Daily render – 14

Step one – What loops

The hardest part of any project is the start, that initial spark the puts everything into motion, I was searching for inspiration and came across this lovely piece by Alex Safayan, which instantly I fell in love with.

Want to create my own take on this I decided to create my own low polygon style car and seeing his images of the low polygon cars on the road Idea of looping the car going down the road was born.

Step two – Modeling

The car itself was not as challenging as I first thought it would be, the challenge was when to stop adding in detail without ruining the low polygon look, I tend to have a habit of just wanting to go overboard with details.


Once I was happy with the amount of detail I added in the colours for the model, I decided to go for subtle colours that complimented each other.

I then turned to creating the rest of the scene.


I initially wanted to add houses to each side of the road, sadly pushed for time on the day this created I had to settle for a more minimalistic look, which I think ultimately may of worked better.

Step three – Animating

This included a good while of re-adjusting the street lights to be in the correct position while I attempted to get the animation to loop


Once I was happy with the looping and the time of the animation, I turned to adding in details of the car bouncing on its suspension.


It was done via Cinema 4d’s vibrate tag, which was perfect for what I wanted.

I then uploaded the model onto Sketchfab

Adding in Sketchfab’s DOF (Depth of Field) function I feel really added the final touches to this!

So that was how I created daily render No.14, one of my favorites in my 30 days of creating these. I plan to take a short break from them now but I will be creating a large city scene including some of my daily renders soon!

My thoughts on Sketchfab

I feel that Sketchfab is a fantastic online service that enables so many people to showcase their work in a way that simply would not of been possible before, it makes me want to upload so much more work to show the community.

With the large variety of tools available as well, it really enables me to add the wow factor to my scenes, with the different lighting setups, post effects such as gain or DOF as well as support for animation, which is great ! .

Seeing the community’s work since i joined has also made me improve me 3D modeling, seeing the mesh lines in the render options is big plus in eyes. It also makes me want to see how i can make my next upload that little bit better and more impressive.

Overall Sketchfab has helped me get inspired for new idea’s both at work  and out, and has also enabled me to get to see so many talented people upload their amazing work and inspire others to create 3D art.

Thank you to Seori for asking me to do this Spotlight and also thank you to the team for creating such a marvelous product, and lastly the community for being so friendly :).

Finally, if you want to see more check my profile, I also recently got a Behance page where i have uploaded my daily renders in a higher resolution, also if you would like to see my older 3D work check out my Flickr album.

Thanks Sketchfab!

All the best


Thanks, Gav! Please let know Gavin what you think of this work and ask him any questions that you may have about his process or his art in general!

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