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In Art Spotlight, we invite Sketchfab artists to talk about one of their designs.

Hi, my name is Eric, I am a 3D artist from Russia, specializing in the creation of machinery. I am currently self-educating in the field of character modeling.

I would like to tell you about my model of a Jaguar XJ220. As can be seen from the polycount, this model was created for the requirements of the game engine (the game is released and it’s free to play so anyone could drive this car – you can see it here).

But with this car all my 3d career is connected . This happened back in 1999, I wanted to justify a powerful computer (Pentium2 450Mhz !!!) which I managed to wrangle from my parents. Explaining that I needed this computer to deal with computer graphics (What games?! I do not understand what you mean!!!). For this reason I’ve installed 3ds max version 3.1 where I solemnly showed how skillfully I’m able to create bowls and teapots. And also there was a model of a Jaguar xj220 about which I’ve been telling many fantastic stories, like the one, that this was the very model used by robots on a factory to create this car! So generally, the purchase was justified by 100%. Mechwarrior3 ran smoothly as never before!!!

Well, the CGI had yet to be put away, because of High School and new released Gamez. But this car remained a coveted goal, yet I have been realizing that I won’t ever create such a complex and perfect form, but the dream remained.

It became truth 10 years later, when I was professionally engaged in the creation of content for the games. When I saw this Jaguar in the list of models, I did not hesitate for a second.


Speaking about the process of modeling, I focus on a process to make the most smooth reflections on the surfaces within defined polybudget.

A body was assembled from several simple shapes then I created transitions between them, and cut holes where needed so it helped me to achieve a relative smoothness of the grid (in pursuit of smooth grid I made all the edges more sharp, while on the real vehicle they are more smooth and non-uniform).


The most delicate place is the engine, it can be seen through the glass and I wanted to make it as similar to the reality as possible, but the instructions demanded to make only protruding parts, the rest was displayed in texture. I tried to create not only the main shapes, but also the largest parts at the deep of the engine, resulting in a bit over-poly, but the customer endorsed this approach.


Since the model was created for the relatively old game engine, the texture in it only diffuse, there is normal or metalness. In order to apply PBR shader, I had to divide model into different parts according to unique material properties. The original texture was used as a mask in each channel. I must say that I like the result, I think that if I will be using full set of textures for PBR shader, the effect will be even better. I will certainly do this in the future.

by comrade1280
on Sketchfab

I am very glad that there is such a service as Sketchfab, thanks to them I have the opportunity to practically hold in my hand and examine in detail creations of the professionals authors. Way to go Sketchfab!

Thanks Eric!

See more of Eric’s work on his Sketchfab portfolio.

– Bart


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