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In Art Spotlight, we invite Sketchfab artists to talk about one of their designs.

My name is David Fernández Barruz. I am a 3d character artist and I’m going to show you the creation process of Jessica Thunderhawk, one of the steampunk Miniatures of Scale75.

First of all is very important to have a good concept art. This model is
based on work by Olga “Karambola” Starodubtseva, a great concept for the Comicon Challenge 2014:


I always try to have an efficient modeling pipeline so I have my own 3d base models prepared with bones to make a quick pose and test it.

For 75mm miniatures I prefer to first pose the base and then sculpt that anatomical base because the muscles don’t look the same in different poses.


Once I finish the visible anatomy and sculpted hair is time to modeling hardsurfaces and cloths. I like always use simply geometries or other models to check the whole model volumes.


The modeling order is important because the performance of the fabric depends on body, armors, straps, etc.. In this female model all the clothess are tight enough and hard surfaces are just complements as belts, so I just made them with simple extraction techniques.


For the hawk I started with a sphere and used dynamesh and curve Zbrushes. First of all always I get a good volume, silhouette, and attractive action in pose. When the pose was right, I modeled a feather and create a Insert Brush with that to place al the wing feathers. For the body feathers I just sculpted.


Finally I modeled the pistol: sometimes you have to model a piece that is not aligned with xyz and this is very difficult. So I aligned it to the 0,0,0 coordinate, modeled it and then put it in the right place.

Quick tip: use a base with bones so you can quickly align and test the position of such props.


For 3d printing and miniture production we need to make cuts and hitches and get down the poligon count.


I have to say that in Scale 75 we are a team and my work would not be the same without this professional great team.

Thanks for checking my models and reading this article. If I can help you just contact me.

Jessica Thunderhawk
by davidfbarruz
on Sketchfab

Thanks David!

See more of David’s impressive sculpting work on his Sketchfab portfolio and his personal website.

If you enjoy painting miniatures, get your own Jessica Thunderhawke model from the Scale75 website!

– Bart


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