Art Spotlight: "Lily: Colors of Santa Luz"

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In Art Spotlight, we invite Sketchfab artists to talk about one of their designs.

Hello everybody! We are Alex Accorsi and Florian Coudray, freshly graduated from our school in Paris, Isart Digital. We met during the first year of the game art course 3 years ago. Since then, we became friends and always liked to work together.

For our end of term project, we wanted to challenge ourselves and try something new. We love pirates, fantastic forests, monsters and mages, but this time we wanted to go out of our comfort zone. Every student had the opportunity to submit a game concept, and we decided to join Matthieu Battelier, our producer, who presented a project about a father protecting his daughter within a war conflict. It was the opportunity for us to discover new horizons.


Lily is an adventure game with a strong narrative component. The war looms near and a dark militia invades Santa Luz. Confronted with humilating violence, the inhabitants start losing their colors. Fleeing from the darkness that threatens to swallow the city, Yvan will do everything to prevent his daughter from seeing the horrors and fight for Lily to keep her colors.

The Creation of Lily


Lily is one of the main protagonist of the game. As you play as her father, Yvan, your main goal is to protect her at all costs. To emphasize the emotions in the game, we wanted to give an animation movie aesthetic to our character. Disney’s Paperman was one of our main references for the character design.



The main challenge during the high-poly sculpt on Zbrush, was to keep this 2D feeling. Florian spent a lot of time figuring out how to translate the conceptual shapes to 3D. The poly-paint was a very important contribution to this translation.  Alex carefully checked the different parts of the character to be sure that she was ready for animation.


The retopology was made in Maya, and the baking was made with Xnormal. Florian also put the character in Substance Painter in order to create a custom roughness map.


Alex handled the setup in Maya by rigging the braids and the scarf because we wanted small animated details in order to give more character to Lily.

Lily Inside the Game (Unity 5)


Above, you can see the final result of Lily in-game in Unity 5. The integration of a character in Unity is very user-friendly but the tough part was coordinating the animation between her and Yvan. But Alex managed to work this out with the help of our developer, Floriane Ober. Sketchfab is a great way to show the model in realtime and with the recent addition of animations, it was the best way for us to present Lily to everybody 🙂

Finally as a bonus, Florian used an online service called Sculpteo to make a 3D colour print out of her. This process used colored sandstone as a printing material and it almost looks like sugar !

Lily: Colors of Santa Luz – The Game

There is still plenty to explore about the game, like the Cruzados, the dark militia invading the city. This character was very satisfying to make. Florian followed the same process with Lily, but he also used Substance Painter for the texturing, in order to make his armor more believable, add wear effects on the character, and such. You can discover the Cruzados right below !

We would like to thank Sketchfab for this amazing opportunity. It was a great pleasure to talk a bit more about our project and there’s still so much to show! You can follow the facebook page here, if you’d like more information.

Hopefully, we’ll have a free version of the game available for download very soon. I’d also like to thank the two other game artists who joined us during the production and worked with us on the project: Perrine Lozinguez & Garance Royère. And also the other team members who made this happen! You can take a look at the trailer below.

Find out more about the game artists on the project:

Game design:

Game programing:

Sound design:

  • Dany Blin


  • Matthieu Bathellier

Thank you, Florian and Alex! Take a moment to vote for Lily, Colors of Santa Luz for the Best Student Project category at the Unity Awards 2016! After doing that, any game devs have any questions? Leave them in the comment box below!

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