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Art Spotlight: Lonely, Spaced in Lost

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Discover LONELY, an immersive virtual exhibition produced during the lockdown. This project is a collaboration between Spaced in Lost, a nomadic exhibition concept, and Socle, a platform that enhances private collections.

The Intention

In these times of introspection and inner experiences, this journey invites us to explore certain dimensions of solitude.

What projects, what works of art, even what friends do we imagine within four walls? How can artists help us to live and understand this new daily life?

This exhibition is entirely modelled in 3D and can be viewed from the comfort of your own home.

It is a space specially designed for the occasion, populated with works that the artists have designed and adapted from a distance in an extremely short time. In order to make these digital spaces, often too arid, a little more humane, the artists have recorded a few messages that you will be able to discover in the exhibition.

Yvannoé Kruger

The exhibition “Lonely” brings together the works of Ivàn Argote, Grégory Chatonsky, Jean Chauvin, Julien Discrit, Antoine Donzeaud, Justine Emard, Nicola Gördes & Stella Rossié, Charles Hascoët, Elizabeth Lennard, Pierre Pauze, Jonathan Pêpe, Nelson Pernisco, Filip-Andreas Skrapic, S// (Salomé Chatriot & Samuel Fasse), Jeanne Vicerial.

Socle is delighted to have supported and produced this exhibition, which you can access at

A 3 Week Project

We started the conversation with Spaced In Lost right after lockdown. We first looked for a space, then chose a subject, selected artworks on Socle, and asked artists to participate.

Once the artworks, either directly produced by the artists or loaned by collectors, were united in a collection, we placed them in the 3D exhibition space. We adapted a Sketchfab model by Marcin Lubecki to achieve the desired look and feel. The show brings together digital art, photographs, videos, paintings and scanned sculptures (Guerre of Jean Chauvin and the African mask were 3D scanned by our team).


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We also designed viewing rooms for each work that could be accessed via annotations. For most of them, the artist made an audio recording explaining—in French—his or her approach; these recordings can be listened to while observing the works. All these links are accessible from the exhibition space.

African Mask 3D scanned by Socle Collections


We used:

  • Blender for decimation and placing objects.
  • Photoshop & Media Encoder to optimize textures and other files
  • Sketchfab helped us with final lighting, editing annotations, and adding video textures thanks to the Viewer API


From 2nd of April – ∞

Curated by Yvannoé Kruger
Initiated by Filip-Andreas Skrapic
Produced by Socle Collections
An immersive virtual exhibition

About Spaced In Lost

SPACED IN LOST was founded in 2018 by artist Filip-Andreas Skrapic with the intention of creating a multidisciplinary border-crossing art platform with the potential for establishing a creative dialogue between a variety of international art & creative scenes.

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About Socle

Socle makes private art collections accessible and helps to promote them to new audiences. Our platform is co-founded by Victor Guénard and Luca Fixy.

The huge reserve of dormant works from private collections is of interest to curators. However, as the search for and organization of loans is a time-consuming and infrequent activity, a large proportion of these works remain in the shadow of their owners. Socle brings private collections into the light.

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About the author

Victor Guénard

I’m the cofounder of Socle Collections, a platform that enhances private art collections. I have a background in architecture and art. I was the project manager in an architecture agency and assisted the production of performances and exhibitions by supporting artists in the realization of their events.

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