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In Art Spotlight, we invite Sketchfab artists to talk about one of their designs.

Hi! My name is Hiroyuki Akasaki. I’m a 3D artist at JetStudio in Japan. JetStudio is a company that makes a 3DCG video of Animation, Games, Amusement and others. I usually working on the direction, character R&D and others.

This character was created in order to introduce a series of steps for character making to Maya beginner in Autodesk’s AREA JAPAN.

My motto is to experience their own all of the production process – every designer should have a wide range of experiences in different CG departments.

It is also important to study as a specialist of each step, and experience all the process on your own understanding, now it can be seen to be caring in each process, I believe that more accuracy is increased.

First, character design. It was inspired by Medusa from Greek mythology and Indian Snake Charmers.

I always create characters from a rough silhouette – not with details. I adjust the shape while checking the image from various angles with a simple model. Flat lighting is useful to adjust the silhouette.

Next, I model details in Maya. “Modeling ToolKit” and “Grab Tool” are very useful in modeling. It is now easier to use with Maya2016.

Then, I make some textures by painting in PaintTool SAI & Photoshop. It’s simple, diffuse map only.

HumanIK (Maya/MotionBuilder), Biped and CAT(3dsMax) are also very useful and powerful. But for hair, clothing and other you need to create a custom rig by yourself. Now for also serves as research and practice, has created a whole body with custom rig.

Here’s the rig I used for posing the character:

Here’s the 3D model that uploaded to Sketchfab.

You will also find some video of each step in the process on AREA JAPAN. If you interested, please visit. I hope that I can be be a reference for your art work, even a little.

Thanks Sketchfab!

I think that thankfully can show the model that was created in 3D, from easily various angles, not only in a still image. I would like to upload with animation in my next works.

Thanks for reading!

Thanks Hiroyuki!

You can find more of Hiroyuki’s work here on Sketchfab, and on his ArtStation.

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