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Art Spotlight: Mount Fish

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Hi! my name is Sergey. For a long time, I worked on the project Allods Online as a 3D modeler and, less often, 2D artist. I had to make a lot of characters, and I was also the core of a team of artists who were involved in the development and production of astral ships for this game. This mount is an example of our teamwork, in which I worked only as a 3D modeler.


The mod for this fish mount was created for the Allods Online project. As planned, you can ride it on a par with the rest of the mounts, but this model is distinguished by the fact that it should float above the ground and will not be kicked like other mounts.

Therefore, to make her movements interesting, it was decided that she would noticeably move her body and fins, wriggling at the beginning of the movement and in the process of moving. For these purposes, a lot of vertical polygons had to be cut on the body and fins so that the model would look smooth during animations and the angularity would not catch the eye. You can see that there are many polygons on all the fins, but in order to not look too flat, some needed additional horizontal sections to give them a three-dimensional shape, so that during the animation the movements were more diverse and curved in all directions.

mount fish allods online

As for the shape of the body, the concept did not have a front and top view, only a side view, so we had to figure out how to make it harmonious, based on the available data.

mount fish allods online concept


When communicating with the concept artist, they came to the conclusion that the abdomen should be significantly increased to give more weight and volume. If you exaggerate the forms, it turns out that at the bottom there is a large circle, and above and on the nose there are smaller circles, and these forms are interconnected.

mount fish model volume

Since this fish is a mount on which a player moves around a location, more attention will be paid to it during visual examination than regular game mobs; for this reason he paid special attention to the mustache on the fish’s nose. So that the round shape was not angular, I made the mustache more circular along the contour from above, removing unnecessary polygons from below.

mount fish model face

On the body kit, it was necessary to use various tricks to save polygons as much as possible. So, for example, the contour of the saddle on the concept is indicated by a round metal edging. The solution was to make the side face turn slightly outward so that the texture designer could draw an illusion of a rounded shape on it.

mount fish model saddle

In the area of gills, it was possible not to do unnecessary details and draw everything on the texture, but when the camera moved around the mount, this place looked a bit empty. Adding a bit of relief helps the model feel more lively and textured.

mount fish model mesh

In general, the work on the fish was interesting and all participants in the process had an interesting experience since such an idea differs from ordinary mounts.


I really enjoyed using the post-processing settings, especially sharpness, vignette, bloom, and grain, which help to make the model more solid. The materials have a very useful settings for emission and opacity to more correctly convey the original idea of the game model.

In the Lights tab it is very convenient to configure different light sources and their shadows. It makes it possible to create a key light source and additional point sources without shadows to highlight the model where it is needed. These were all the tools needed to achieve the desired result.


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