Art Spotlight: Post-Apocalyptic Pirate Captain

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In Art Spotlight, we invite Sketchfab artists to talk about one of their designs.

Hi everyone! My name is Roumen Filipov and I’m a 3D artist with 5 years of experience with CG animation and just starting in the games industry. I was born in Bulgaria but lived almost my whole life in Brazil, where I graduated in Graphic Design and learned 3D by myself. I’m currently living in Hamburg-Germany and working as a 3D artist in Goodgames Studios. I’m passionate about making 3D characters and I always aim to give them personality above all things.

Talking a little about my last personal work, Post-Apocalyptic Pirate Captain, I can say it was definitely a great learning experience for me. I got to try a completely new workflow for my characters, switching from long high res renders to real-time low poly models and ready for animation.

The character was base on the awesome art of Johannes Helgeson:


I started by sculpting the whole character in ZBrush. I tried to stay as faithful as possible to the original concept but still putting a bit of my style on it. I didn’t worry a lot about very small details since I was going to do a lot of them directly in Substance Painter.

For retopology I used the polydraw tools in 3ds Max. I tried to keep the polycount as low as possible and still get cool silhouettes. I gave more attention to the face since the idea was to create facial rigging, I ended with more than 50 morph targets for the the girl and around 14 for the monkey.


I did one UV set for the girl, one for the monkey and one for the sub-machine gun. For baking all the maps and texturing later on I used Substance Painter and 3D-coat to give some final hand-painted touches. This was maybe my favourite part of the process, Substance Painter can give you high quality results in no time.

I used full PBR shading in Sketchfab with diffuse, normals, occlusion, metalness and roughness maps. They worked perfectly with almost 100% fidelity to what I had in Substance Painter.

Sketchfab was a key asset for my project, it’s full PBR shaders and animation compatibility encouraged me to make those characters and in a near future I plan to post some nice animations, even not only done by me.

I follow sketchfab from the early days and it’s amazing how much it evolved, I really want to congratulate the team for making the most awesome real-time viewer in the internet!

Thanks Roumen!

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  • Avatar David Correas says:

    Excellent project!! Mr Roumen Filipov, is it possible that I could ask you a for an advise with regards to a path I want to take into the gaming indutry as a 3D Designer? I have been Engineering for the past 5 years. If you could send me an email to my email address so I can explain myself further I would appreciate it very much 🙂

  • Avatar Jonny says:

    This is very hot pirate art……

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