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In Art Spotlight, we invite Sketchfab artists to talk about one of their designs.

Hi, my name is Victor Negreiro, I’m from Brazil and I work as an Illustrator and Game Artist for Ludium and as a freelancer as well for the last 10 years.

I do t-shirt illustrations for the Nerdstore and Threadless (my tee has sold out, unfortunately), do comic colors, and did some mobile games like Combonuts, Alien War and Deed. Right now I’m doing a new mobile game with the studio that made Deed, and I’m just hired to work for Tapps.

Working for Ludium I did a job for League of Legends. I painted most of the 60 wallpapers so I do many different things!

About 5 years ago I started to spice up my work with an interest in 3D.

I didn’t have a classic academic study, and had to learn my way with different tools by doing personal projects. I used this approach for drawing and painting, and did the same with 3D. Starting with Sketchup, using to boost the time working on the the perspective on the illustrations, and later pass for a short time on Maya until found my place in Blender.

Sketchup modelling with some photoshop colours on top. concept art work done in 2011

Right now, I’m a Blender fanboy and I’m taking the same path to become a technical artist the way I did before: starting personal projects for the joy of starting things, starting projects even without finishing older ones, working on it in the breaks between jobs and make me finish everything even if it took me months to have it all done for the joy of have things done.

I posted the computer model already a long time ago to prove that:

Old Pc wip
by Victor Estivador
on Sketchfab

The Sad Office Room started as a project to learn about hard surface modeling and baking normal maps (one of my favorite concepts in the 3D world, an illusion of depth/complexity in a low poly mesh). It took me more than a year from the first block of the elements on the scene until the finish this last month, I found many ‘better ways’ of doing things and reworked a lot of elements. One of them was the fish tank that started as a piece of this model. As it slowly got a more Hand Painted style and didn’t fit the rest of the scene, I moved the fish tank to its own scene and posted it right here on Sketchfab.


This is my reference for ‘Sad Office’. A 80`s desk, koz the ‘theme’ when I started this was to make something with the sad and boring feeling from the movie ‘Office Space’, and make everything in the world of MS-Dos and no internet connection (sorry fellas with more age, I was born in 87 and be in this inpatient and with no analog nostalgia generations to come after…)

I changed the computer design to look more like the first mac computers.. and even attached the keyboard. So, if any part stop working, it will be much more complicated to fix, making the user much more angry about your life hahahahahaha.


I would choose death if I had to travel back in time to live in the world of the Past, without out technology. Sorry guys, don’t hate me for this 🙂

I did a lot of experiments on this project, like hand paint the fish and make a normal map using MindText. and you can see it is a ugly brother of the last fish I made

First try:

lil fish
by Victor Estivador
on Sketchfab

Second try:

Fish Tank
by Victor Estivador
on Sketchfab

I made this test to see if the 3D scene will talk with 2D elements, an idea I still want to work on in future projects..


And at the end. I lost a bit of the details I freakly add on some small areas of this model when I merge all the 10 or 12 materials and uvs in one big Atlas( just to see how the Build Atlas Blender Addon works haha) and end with some parts a bit blurry, like this floppy disk texture I spend close to a hour to draw.
And I know nobody will notice it.


Right now I fear I don’t have any big insights to share, as I work on it walking in the shadows finding where to put my feet next. If I can just say something (maybe this is why I’m here) is:

Don’t complicate everything delaying to start learning something because you don’t have time to do it, or don’t have the money for pay for classes about it, just go, in the best DIY way, search online and start doing something. My first model on Blender was a small lowpoly hammer, because I want to find where are the related tools that I know in Maya, and search how to basic model, uv map and texture something as simple as possible… just to put the hands in the sides and say “Yeah, I started it, so now I need to go all the way to the end now.”

Sad Office Room
by Victor Estivador
on Sketchfab

Thanks Victor!

You can see more of Victor’s work here on Sketchfab, on his Tumblr and his personal website.

– Bart


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