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Hello, my name’s Al and I’m a 3D artist.

I’m also a man of few words.

The conception of ‘Shiba Inu on the beach’ started when the refreshing summer simulation challenge was posted. I thought to myself that the beach is is summer related/refreshing and if I were to add a dog to that, I’d be golden. I had a general idea of how I wanted the scene to look, a sliver of beach with a dog on it under an umbrella with the waves crashing in. I wanted a cute and recognizable dog breed so I picked the Shiba Inu.

My work flow usually starts with hardest/complex part first. So I started with getting the simulation of the water down in blender. After about 3 iterations I got the water looking just right, now I just had to make it work in Sketchfab. Luckily for me the main post for the challenge had mentioned abc files. After reading up on abc files and downloading blender 2.78, I was able to export the sim to Sketchfab. It worked quite nicely. After that I started to model the sand castle. The castle’s purpose was to add a little extra something to the water sim, something to crash against. The look of the castle is a bit generic but I thought to myself,  would a dog be able to make a complex looking sand castle? Probably not. However, it looked too simple, so I added the flags and created a cloth sim. I then modeled the bucket, towel, and umbrella.

Next up was the Shiba Inu. A cute dog I must say. I tried to get it as accurate as I could but I goofed on the paws and didn’t notice till very late. The fur was painted via substance painter using a fur texture and some soft light color layers. When that was all done I rigged the Shiba and posed it with rest of the scene. Looking at it all in place it felt  a bit empty so I added the cooler and radio, with the radio added I animated the Shiba breathing to add more life.

As for the sound process, I used a beach sound I had found some time ago. I made the fall off very shallow because I wanted it to feel like an isolated piece of the beach.

After everything was finished it was uploaded to Sketchfab where I could fine tune the look using the post processing filters. I love how easy it is to change the look and feel on Sketchfab, from bland to relaxing summer day on the beach with precisely controlled colors. Sketchfab is also nice to show off models with because it runs smoothly and unlike a render or video you can be there with the Shiba Inu and almost feel the beach winds while exploring each part of the beach slice. Good stuff I say.

I can be found on ArtStation or Instagram.

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