Art Spotlight: Sketchfab Masters Picks, vol. 2

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This year we invited the Sketchfab Masters to select their favorite models published by our community. This is the second in the 3-part series. Enjoy!

Gareth (se7en23)

I love it because it looks like a hand-painted still from a children’s book and somehow doesn’t lose that illusion no matter what angle you observe it from.  And the restrained use of animation really helps to make it come alive.

Tycho (Tycho_Magnetic_Anomaly)

Exquisite modeling, animation, materials, attention to detail, scene lighting and post FX all superbly presented from an artist that consistently depicts our planet’s fauna in mind boggling authentic and respectful realism.

Geoffrey (geoffreymarchal)

Originally coming from a 3D scan, this was cleaned up with various software to become a lovely 3D model. This model is not only well executed with a very polished wireframe but also has incredible materials. It is unfortunately rather rare to see clothing in 3D even though this is a great way to preserve something fragile and doomed to disappear quickly.

Terrie (terrielsimmons)

I don’t know how Salvatore makes models like this! Seeing them makes me feel like I’m in a spaceship in a science fiction book. This model is a great example of what the Sketchfab viewer is capable of displaying, especially for scientific communication.

Klaas (klaasnienhuis)

The model itself is not that extraordinary, but the account is. They currently have over 1700 models, all in the same quality, all unique and showing off their products. To me, this is a company with not that spectacular products, getting the most out of Sketchfab with incredible consistency.

Salvatore (sorlando)

The reason I chose this is because I was shocked at the accuracy of the details of this model (such as the leaves and flowers in the trees, the accuracy of the pagoda roof and the cage on top of the pagoda). Exploring the scene in VR is very similar to visiting the real site. I think of those people who cannot have the possibility to physically visit distant or difficult to reach sites in the world. Now they can, thanks to masterpieces like this one. In addition, this model gives me a feeling of peace and serenity. I guess this was one of the artist’s goals and they succeeded very well!

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