Art Spotlight: Star Catcher

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Hi! my name is Bernat, I am a 3D student from Barcelona, Spain. I have always been passionate about video games and every day I try to learn new things about how to do my job better. That’s why I love the Sketchfab community; I’ve learned a lot about how to make 3D models and I think this section is great for learning from others, so here I bring my contribution.


The inspiration came from an illustration of Vincent Trinidad called “Star Catcher“. It caught my attention because I’ve always loved space in movies like Star Wars, so I decided to make my own version based on Vincent’s design.

Before opening any program I take references of how I want my character to look. I wanted a simplified astronaut suit, like a costume for a child.

Production Process (Maya, ZBrush, Substance Painter)

Once I have thought about how I want my character, I start modeling in ZBrush.

High Poly (ZBrush)

I start with the main structure of the body and then add the detail of the wrinkles.

For some more geometric elements, like the buttons or the backpack I start with a basic shape created in Maya.

Personally I recommend this Free Pack of brushes for ZBrush.

As you can see, he has no head. I decided to do only the high poly of the backpack and the body because it is where more detail will need to be baked.

Low Poly (Maya)

Now begins the part where I play background music and start the retopology I’ve done in ZBrush. A slow but important process.

For this I use Maya’s quad-draw tool.

Then, I add the helmet and some details.

I create three materials, one for the main character, one for his backpack and another one for the star, which will serve to divide the three maps that will be made when UVs are unwrapped.

UV Mapping and Texture Baking (Maya)

Before baking from the High Poly to Low Poly, I have to unwrap the UVs. For this I use the “3D cut and sew” tool in Maya.

Now it’s ready to bake the high poly. For this I use the “Transfer Maps” tool in Maya.

Texturing (Substance Painter)

Now comes the most artistic part. There is not much to say about this; Substance is a very intuitive program, which is why it’s my favorite.

When I export in Substance I have the option to upload it to Sketchfab directly, which is great.


Now is the time to make your scene look really cool!

I always use a flat background color.

In lighting I put a yellow point light right on the star to illuminate the whole character and a blue directional light on the side to contrast.

And personally I like to put the Tone Mapping in Filmic and turn up the blue in the shadows very slightly.

Thanks for reading!

I want to thank the Sketchfab team for this opportunity that they give to 3D creators to deepen the understanding of their works.

I am not an expert, but I hope I have contributed something to someone. Let me know if you have any questions or advice.

To know more about my works you can visit my website.


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