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Hi there!

My name is Irene Mayorga, 3D generalist and graphic designer. I did an Arts Degree in Cuenca (Spain) and a 3D Master’s Degree with ZBrush in CICE Madrid. I have worked as a graphic designer in various companies and I am currently working as a 3D generalist in a Videogame Company in Madrid.

I enjoy doing different environments and characters in 3D during my leisure time for both video games and printing. A few months ago, I decided to retake an old project from my ZBrush’s Master and redo it as it deserves. I am a big fan of Final Fantasy and therefore I decided that a moguri was the most natural thing to do, and what could it better than doing the adorable Stilzkin!?

First and foremost, it is important to choose a concept with a good base, something that you really love. Once in ZBrush, it is essential to sculpt the figure creating good proportions and volumes. Perhaps in my design, the anatomy of the character is not fundamental (a moguri is almost like a little ball!), but it is a pillar to any sort of model you want to create. If the anatomy fails, everything will also fail afterwards.

I did not worry too much about the geometry of this character because the idea is to print it after. Once I finished the figure and after applying some 3DsMax’s pieces such as the scrolls, I employed the UVs and decimate the geometry of my figure. Substance Painter was used for the texturization process, an option that, from my point of view, is one of the greatest tools because it lets you to create freely. In this case, I tried to be as faithfully as possible to the original concept. After texturizing it, I made the 3DMax scene illumination to bake the lights to the diffuse. In order to do all these processes, I applied V-Ray.

After texturizing, illuminating and baking this little adorable moguri, the last step was to show it to the world! In doing so, I believe Sketchfab is the best platform. The opportunity to see your own works in VR is amazing! You can almost touch them! The settings are striking and highly varied. If you want to work with your clients this web is the best option. The future is here!

I hope you guys enjoyed my work. Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn, Artstationor Behance if you have any feedback, requests or questions. I am always available and willing to help you.


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