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Art Spotlight: Sushi

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Hello! My name is Jose, I’m a 3D/2D artist working in the game industry. I started my journey around 10 years ago in a small company in my city. After some time I started to gain attention from other companies and I began working as a freelance.

When I started learning 3D, I didn’t have much information or a school in my city, so I learned little-by-little with a lot of mistakes, like everyone else. I have never been to a videogame school. I’m self-taught.


I created this package because I wanted to become a seller on Sketchfab, and why not start with something that everybody loves? I think food gets people together and we love to see it in 3D.

My inspiration comes from numerous artists, mostly with hand-painting skills. Sketchfab and ArtStation are the main websites that I explore.


I like to use 3ds Max for the modeling part. After that, for texturing, I use 3D-Coat and Photoshop.


The 3D models are low poly, very simple. This is a challenge because food is very rich in detail with a lot of different shapes, so to get a good result with limited polygons is not easy. I tried to keep them attractive using as few polygons as possible. I tried to keep the polycount low to make it mobile-friendly.

3d sushi wireframe

UVW Mapping

While working in 3ds Max and 3D-Coat I like to work on a few objects at a time, rather than on the whole scene all at once. In the end, I will put all the UVs into one or two atlases—having as few textures and materials as possible is better for performance. Also, I use some overlapping textures because I like to share the same painting for more than one mesh.

sushi uvw map


Now, my favorite part: texturing! I prefer painting texture to modeling. I start to paint in 3D-Coat, adding the basic colors and bigger details, but very often I switch to Photoshop to add smaller details. I tried to keep the colors bright. I think food should not be dark—it needs to pop out of the screen and make you want to eat it.

The image below shows the steps I use to paint an object. I start with some dark basic colors, then I add the basic light. This step adds volume to the object after I start to paint the details and finally the smaller details and highlights!

sushi 3d texture progression


On Sketchfab my settings are very simple. I’m using a solid color as a background to make the objects easier to read. Just one point light. The material is just diffuse, with no specular or glossiness. I like to add post-processing, but not too much, to preserve the original colors.

sketchfab 3d editor settings

Thank you, Abby, for inviting me to show my work, thank you Sketchfab for promoting my assets, and thank you for taking a look. If you like it, visit my ArtStation and Instagram for more posts with handpainted textures! Ah! One more thing, the second pack of Japanese food will come soon, and it will look even better than the first one. 😉


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